Jaguar XF Connectivity and All-Surface Capability Help Hunt Down Tornado

Jaguar XF Connectivity and All-Surface Capability Help Hunt Down Tornado


  • Expert storm chaser ‘Tornado Tim’ Baker heads into Tornado Alley in the Jaguar XF AWD
  • Tornado chase team use the XF to collect vital data in order to help predict storms and limit damage
  • In-Control Touch Pro Navigation System helps steer around closed roads in debris-hit region following Tornado strike
  • Extreme conditions demonstrate the XF’s all-surface capability as the storms take the chase onto dirt and gravel roads
  • A film of the chase and a series of content clips about tornado chasing can be found here [insert hyperlink to YouTube film]


7th July 2016, Illinois: Storm chaser ‘Tornado Tim’ Baker drove the Jaguar XF through America’s Midwest in search of a tornado as this year’s storm season came to a dramatic close. 

A storm chaser’s role is vital to help predict tornadoes and save lives, so the XF was the perfect mobile lab for the chase team to catch their tornado and collect vital data. 

The chase, which covered 2,000 miles of highway and farm tracks through seven US states, saw the XF evade baseball-sized hailstones and drive through floods and high winds before intercepting a twister on the Iowa-Illinois border.


The chase began with the biggest storm of the 2016 season looming over the American Midwest, with a potential 95 million people in its path. It took Tim from Denver, Colorado, right up into Minnesota and down to Illinois.

The AWD XF found its twister when Baker intercepted a Category EF 0 (60-70 mph winds) tornado, two hours west of Chicago. The storm drenched the region, flooding roads and scattering debris, but the car coped brilliantly with the dirt roads and slippery highways.


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