Is Your Motor Insurance Keeping You On The Right Side of the Law?

Is Your Motor Insurance Keeping You On The Right Side of the Law?

Uninsured driving is a problem that seriously affects the lives of those involved in road accidents and costs millions of pounds every year. However, some people are driving without fully appreciating the terms of their insurance and are unwittingly breaking the law.

To tackle the continuing issue of uninsured driving, MIB is supporting police forces across the UK in a national campaign called Operation Drive Insured from 16 – 22 October 2017. Using data collected from calls made to the MIB Police Helpline, MIB is highlighting some of the common myths about motor insurance to create awareness on the impact of driving without valid insurance and the serious consequences of being on the wrong side of the law.

Myths and misconceptions uncovered through these calls include:

 “I have fully comprehensive cover so I’m insured to drive other vehicles.”

 “My policy covers me to drive to and from work.”

 “My policy covers me to drive to work, so I’m also covered to drive to my meeting.”

 “I own and use my car the most, but my Mum is the policy holder and I’m a named driver.”

 “My car isn’t being used, so there is nothing to insure or declare.”

Police officers use the MIB Police Helpline to confirm the insurance status of a vehicle whilst standing at the roadside with the driver. If no insurance is identified, or if the police officer has significant concerns about a breach of the insurance policy, the police officer can immediately seize the vehicle. Where the vehicle is being used outside of the policy terms, then MIB shares this information with the insurer to enable them to address the matter with their policyholder. The insurer will contact their policyholder to investigate this further and may result in the policy being cancelled.