Asthma Drug That May Prevent The Onset Of Preterm Birth Goes On Trial

Asthma Drug That May Prevent The Onset Of Preterm Birth Goes On Trial

London, 17 November 2017: A clinical trial with the aim of delaying the onset of premature labour is set to start this month. Funded by preterm birth charity Borne and children’s charity Action Medical Research, this exciting new trial will be using a first-line medicine prescribed by the NHS for the treatment of asthma, in combination with progesterone, to delay the onset of premature labour.  


Around the world, 15 million babies are born too soon every year and more than 1 million die as a direct consequence. Medical research into preterm birth is significantly under-funded, when compared with cancer and heart disease, and so much about what causes preterm birth remains unknown. 


Mark Johnson, Borne’s Founder and Professor at the Imperial College where the clinical trial will be conducted, is the lead of a study of potential new treatment in 50 years that could help delay the onset of preterm labour. The study that will assess the efficacy of combining aminophylline, a smooth muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory, with the hormone progesterone as a treatment administered to women who are at high risk of early labour.  By repurposing an existing, readily available drug, the study could change the future for millions of unborn children.


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