Jenny Frost: A Girl's Guide To Confidence

Jenny Frost: A Girl's Guide To Confidence

Bad hair day? Sudden skin break out? Nothing nice to wear?  We’ve all had days when we’re not feeling our most confident and research suggests that we’re far from alone.

In a recent survey by new Always® Ultra, a staggering 57% of British women revealed that they generally lack confidence! But the good news is help is at hand.

According to the research, over a third of women get their confidence from looking good and there are a whole host of ways to improve your confidence and all it takes is a few little ‘feminine touches’ – and most of them are quick, easy and a lot of fun!

Jenny Frost has taken to the streets of bustling London to find out the real secret to unleashing our confidence and offers a few simple top tips to ensure your confidence shines throughout the day, no matter what…

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