Food Expert Meena Pathak Brings A Slice Of Mediterranean Cooking To UK Shores

Food Expert Meena Pathak Brings A Slice Of Mediterranean Cooking To UK Shores

In this exclusive video, Meena visits Italy to bring a slice of the Mediterranean to the UK, giving her top tips for embracing the Italian passion for food in our home kitchens:

-          Never under estimate the importance of good olive oil; during Meena’s visit to the olive groves of Tuscany she learns that quality olive oil is an essential ingredient to any Italian dish.

-          Cooking with cheeses is also a great way to bring big flavours into dishes; rather than reserving speciality cheeses for picnics and occasions, build them into your sauces for instant flavour and depth to your cooking

-          Italian cuisine really shines by the bold herbs present in every dish; fresh herbs really are the secret to great cooking – and don’t worry about measurements, just use your taste buds to guide you!

First visiting Italy as a newly-wed, Meena’s experience of Italian cuisine began when she was taught how to prepare fresh pasta by her husband’s Italian aunt. In the thirty years that have followed, Meena has travelled the length and breadth of Italy and has been inspired by the pride and passion the Italians have for their food. Meeting and cooking with experienced chefs, artisan producers and passionate local mamas, Meena has picked up a wealth of knowledge and culinary secrets.

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With this in mind, Meena decided it was about time she put this knowledge and experience to good use by launching her own range of easy to make Italian favourites, but with her own twist...