Duncan Goodhew invites families to jump in to a summer of swimming

Duncan Goodhew invites families to jump in to a summer of swimming

Olympic gold medallist Duncan Goodhew is urging all families across the country to get swimming this summer. Not only is swimming a great way to keep fit with the family, it’s also a great way to strengthen the bond between parent and child as an ideal family activity.

Swimming is widely recognised as one of the most physically and psychologically beneficial sports. It’s low impact, so perfect exercise for the elderly, pregnant women and those with mobility or joint problems.  It’s also great for all over body toning, and also can help to relax and improve a person’s mood – and being able to swim could even save our lives. But additionally to all these benefits, a survey by British Gas last year also found that children favoured swimming as their preferred family activity - so what better excuse to get out there and into the water!

To help get families swimming this summer, the UK’s ultimate urban swimming festival - The British Gas Big Dip - will be taking place in London from Monday 27th June. With two purpose-built connected pools and an adjoining beach as its centre-piece, the festival will be a fabulous day out for all the family, featuring an array of activities, food and music, as well as water-based activities including swimming, aquafit, aquazumba and water polo.

For more information visit www.bigdip.co.uk