The UK's Children are a Generation of Travel Connoisseurs

The UK's Children are a Generation of Travel Connoisseurs

  • Two thirds (67%) of children have now travelled abroad by plane by the age of 10
  • Compared to 58% per cent of their parents who had never travelled abroad before the same age
  • Almost a quarter of children have travelled by plane more than four times before they have started secondary school
  • 50 per cent of parents say their children have travelled more times by plane than they had when they were youngsters 

A family holiday is always an exciting time for any child and with trips to Europe sometimes quicker and cheaper than sightseeing in the UK, more and more children are being given the opportunity to travel before they have even finished primary school. It seems a new generation of travel connoisseurs are on the rise, young travel experts or ‘Jumpjetters’ as they are otherwise known, are on the increase and the UK’s children are becoming more cultured than ever before….

A new report released today by easyJet reveals that 67 per cent of children have travelled abroad by plane by the age of 10, in fact 56% of parents admit that their children are better traveled and have seen more of the world then they had at the same age. 


Holidays were once a treasured treat for all the family to spend quality time with one another, but with costs for travelling abroad being as cheap as a pair of jeans and flights being more accessible than twenty years ago, children are being given the chance to experience the continent and beyond before they reach their teens with almost a quarter of children traveling abroad before they have started secondary school.


Not only are children venturing to cities afar experiencing various cultured delights, but they have been lucky enough to do it more than four times by the time they reach ten years of age, however, nearly a fifth (17 per cent) of parents admit they were not so fortunate when they were the same age and only 11 per cent of their grandparents had travelled so frequently - half of modern day children.

Beach holidays seem to still be the most popular holiday destination, with 61% of children admitting to getting out the bucket and spade and having a swim in the sea. 


Interestingly, 63% of baby boomer children admit to traveling abroad at least once, by the age of 10 years old which is more than twice as much as baby boomers did themselves. Holiday past-times have also changed somewhat through the generations, with overseas camping being the most popular holiday activity for baby boomers. However, adventure holidays are the preferred with baby boomers children.

It seems as though children are becoming seasoned travellers and more worldly than ever before, thanks to affordable flying…

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