Train Like An England Rugby Sevens Professional

Train Like An England Rugby Sevens Professional

Following the HSBC World Series, consisting of nine tournaments around the world, culiminating with the Marriott London Sevens  at Twickenham, 

Here the male and female England sevens rugby teams highlight the importance of technique, strength and balance within rugby, as well as aiding general fitness.

Players included England captain Tom Mitchell and  fellow team-mates Marcus Watson, James Rodwell, Charlie Hayter, John Brake and Jeff Williams. They were joined by members of the woman's team; Emily Scarratt, Amy Wilson Hardy and Michaela Staniford.

A range of exercises were demonstrated by the players, focusing on core, upper body and lower body.

Exercises demonstrated by the woman include: Swiss Ball Pike, Arnold Shoulder Press, Press Up and Rotate, Bulgarian Split Squat, Step Up, Glute Band Stretch and Supine Pull

Exercises demonstrated by the men include: Pull Ups,  Prowler Press, Box Jump, Jammer Press, Core Exercises, Bench Press and Back Squat